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How do I know if I need new tires?

Worn or damaged tires can impact your gas mileage and your control you have over your vehicle. This can be a huge safety risk for you and others on the road!

What Causes worn tires

  • Improper tire alignment

  • Improper air pressure

  • Lack of tire rotation

  • Extreme Temperatures

How to check my tread level

Tire tread provides you with traction and control through various road conditions. Over time your tread wears down, your tire becomes bald, and you won't be able to grip the road as good as a new tire would. Checking your tire tread is easy and essential to prevent accidents. All you need is a penny! Please the penny with Lincoln's face down, chin facing away from the tire. Move the penny around to several tread grooves on the tire. Looking at Abe's head each time. If any part of Abe's head is covered the tread is in good shape.

If Abe's head is visible, the tread has worn down to unsafe levels.

If you have found that your tread is at an unsafe level be sure to make an appointment with your local tire dealer to get you back in good shape!

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