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How COVID-19 is impacting our industry

There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic in the U.S. within the last few weeks. This virus has impacted everyone's day to day life somehow from schools closing, sporting events locally and nationally suspending seasons or cancelling them altogether, North Dakota bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and any on-site business services to temporarily close, and possibly the biggest shut down for our industry; manufacturing plants shutting down production to help slow the spread.

How is COVID-19 effecting our tire industry?

This is what we know as of Monday, March 23, 2020. Please Note, Conditions do change daily.

Manufacturing plants temporarily closing in the U.S.:

  • Goodyear

  • Cooper

  • Bridgestone


There has been confirmation on 3/18/20 that Wal-Mart has temporarily shut down their auto care centers to allow associates to focus on stocking and cleaning stores.

Vehicle Service and repair defined as essential

Vehicle Service and repair personnel were deemed part of the 'Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers' by the Homeland Security on 3/19/20.

Information changes by the day and sometimes by the minute. Tires Only & Dakota Wholesale are working diligently to have no disruptions in service to our customers. We are keeping the health of our employees as a top priority.

We have advised our delivery drivers to:

  • Carry disinfectant spray and hand-sanitizer

  • Limit the amount of contact at delivery locations

  • Keep the recommended 6-foot distancing when possible

  • Ask the customer to use their own pen for signing paperwork

  • Don't touch your face

If we have to vamp up precautions we will:

  • Require temperature checks at the start of their shifts (implementing this week)

  • Require masks to be worn

  • Require gloves to be worn

We will NOT be shutting down or closing. We will continue to deliver your tires and tire accessories as usual!


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